HW infrastructure for Local DHIS 2 MoH DataCenter for 6 millions citizens

Till now we implemented an epidemiological system based on DHIS 2 Platform, Hosted on a SaaP external hosting.
Now our customer aims to set up a Local Server Hosting (into their MoH) to manage the citizen personal and health data and personal health electronic records. The citizens of the region are approximately 6 millions.
Which HW/basic SW Infrastructure with redundancy, do you suggest?
For example, cluster of 2 Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 Server (Xeon SP Gen 2), proxy servers?
Any suggestion is welcome.

Very interesting question @antonia! Thanks! – watching this topic! :man_technologist:

Dear Antonia,
HW: PowerEdge T340 - 3.4 GHz - E-2224 - 32 GB - DDR4-SDRAM - 600 GB - Tower

SW: Ubuntu 20.4 LTS

Thanks so much for your quick reply @Gerald_Thomas!
I suppose you are referring to the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
What do you recommend for high availability and redundancy? Does Ubuntu 20.04 LTS support cluster configuration? Some other suggestions for the high availability? Our customer plan to make some investments for the high availability.