Hurdles of having multiple disaggregations in the same data set

Hi DHIS2 community and developers!

Happy to be a new member of this forum. We are looking for advice and timelines regarding identified bugs of the Data Entry app.

The ICRC team is migrating the existing Health Monitoring platform to DHIS2.
Initial feedbacks collected during User Acceptance tests of basic aggregate forms show a strong resistance by ICRC end-users mainly due to the confusion when filling in Data entry forms.

Below two existing JIRA issues that are major blockers for our rollout, unfortunately we have no further information whether they are considered for a future release. @Gassim could you link the right developers to the three respective issues and provide us some visibility whether these bug is considered at the moment? Thank you!

Issue 1) Data elements with differing cat combos in the same section do not respect sort order

Jira issue : DHIS2-8203

This bug makes it impossible to structure a data entry form with differing disaggregations in the same section. Within the data entry form, the yes/no question is displayed after the numeric values to be recorded.

Issue 2) Indicators are displayed twice in data entry when the section contains multiple category combos.

Jira issue : DHIS2-7164

Indicators displayed within a data entry form can be displayed several times within a section according to the different category combinations being used for data elements.

In the example below, as a result of a data entry form based on data elements using 2 category combinations + 1 dataelement without category combination, the Indicators will appear 3 times.


These two bugs bring lots of confusion to the end-user and may lead us to have to implement custom forms which in turn prevent us from using the Capture app…

A third issue logged at is also impacting us – but we believe it is already in Planned state according to the issue status.

Thanks a lot for looking into these!

Nicolas and team,



@Nicolas welcome to the community! I have also seen the mentions in the Jira issues and I have asked for support. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for pushing this. We are looking into it and a fix is coming very soon.

Thank you,


@Gassim @Abyot_Gizaw Thank you for replying to our request. We would just like to make sure that the first issue raised “Issue 1) Data elements with differing cat combos in the same section do not respect sort order*” is well formulated and therefore well understood.
As mentioned, the order of the data elements and indicators within a section is very important to the user experience as it has to follow the logic of the content of the DEs/indicators. However, we realize that in DHIS2 the logic behind the order of DEs/indicators is rather following the data type/category combo instead of the predefined order we would like to give. Ideally, we would prefer to be able to display a given set of DEs/indicators for example in the following order :

  1. DE1 with simple numeric entry
  2. DE2 with CatCombo -age/sex
  3. indicator 1
  4. DE3 with simple numeric entry
  5. DE4 with CatCombo- age
  6. indicator 2
  7. DE5 single choice - yes/no
    We need this order to be respected as there are cases where e.g.“DE2” should not be separated from e.g “indicator1” regardless of the fact that one is a DE and the other an indicator and taking into account the DE name (content).

May we kindly ask if this is the same understanding of the existing Jira issue on your your end or if not, to create a new issue to consider?

Thank you very much in advance,
Best regards,
Ioanna, Nicolas, ICRC team

We checked the fixes implemented by @Abyot_Gizaw on issue [DHIS2-8203] which seems to work as to what the bug pertains, thanks a lot! Given recent analysis our requests then go beyond current functionality. Following three JIRA issues that should explain it:
a) in Section forms: be able to specify the sort order of data elements in data sets regardless of the category combination of the respective data element - [DHIS2-7314]
b) be able to specify where indicators are placed in the form, not only at the bottom - [DHIS2-11357]
c) not be able to edit indicators in the form - [DHIS2-11315]
This would achieve a) a greater user experience as it follows the logical flow of data entry rather the be subject to disaggregations and b) better compatibility with Android Capture app as it is not a custom form.
Attached a sketch that explains these three feature requests. Looking forward to hearing any feedback from the community or the team on these!

@Gassim @Abyot_Gizaw Hello dear both, we would like to ask you if the fix we have requested above (order of DEs and inidcators regardless of cat combos/type of data entry) will be planned for one of the upcoming releases. As we are planning to roll out the ICRC’s solution to the field by Q42021 - Q1 2022, we would like to know if there is a planned fix in the near future so that we could avoid the custom forms. If not, please do let us know so that we can decide which direction to go.
If this is of interest to the community and you plan a change, thank you for letting us know. This way we can keep the section forms that have been designed and configured already expecting for the fix to re-order the data elements and indicators as explained in our previous comments.
Thank you very much in advance,

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@Ioanna thank you for your patience! I have asked for updates and the dev team is well aware of the issues you described, and I received a response today that the Jira issue 11315 (you can watch/vote for a Jira issue) will be assigned to one of the developers. I hope this helps!


Thanks for taking into account this request.
As the display of Indicators within dataset within is a very important from an end-user perspective, can we get a feedback on to this part of the initial request : b) be able to specify where indicators are placed in the form, not only at the bottom - [DHIS2-11357]

Thanks a lot for your contribution on this,


Hi @Gassim and thanks for your reply. As we can see in Jira the ticket is not assigned to any developer yet. Could we ask for it to be taken into account in one of the coming releases? We would need to know when this will be, as the order of indicators and data elements has a high impact on the user experience and is important for the green light of the deployment of DHIS2 in the ICRC contexts, planned for November.

Hey @Ioanna,
Thank you for your post! If you mean the Jira ticket 11315 then it had been assigned to @Abyot_Gizaw who also made a comment in the ticket that this issue has been fixed in Jira issue DHIS2-7164, and that the fix will come in 2.35.7 - I hope this helps? Thanks!

Hi @Gassim thanks a lot for the quick reply! I think the ICRC team meant this one, just mentioned a bit earlier: DHIS2-11357

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Thanks for your support @dhuser! I will ask ( :

@Ioanna I will let you know when I have more info, thank you for your patience!

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