Https redirect http issue

Using the system on port 80 or 8080 works fine but when connecting to port 443 after using a self signed certificate using openSSL we cannot access main functions in the system like maintenance and the dashboard doesnt load image
and our appache conf image .
Softwares used: tomcat8, java postgreSQL and Appache2 the main configuration for the server is in the appache

Hi @said,
Are you still facing this issue? Were you able to solve it? Thanks for sharing with the community!

May I ask you to review:

Software requirements

Later DHIS2 versions require the following software versions to operate.

  • An operating system for which a Java JDK or JRE version 8 or 11 exists. Linux is recommended.
  • Java JDK. OpenJDK is recommended.
    • For DHIS 2 version 2.35 version and later, JDK 11 is recommended and JDK 8 or later is required.
    • For DHIS 2 versions older than 2.35, JDK 8 is required.
  • PostgreSQL database version 9.6 or later. A later PostgreSQL version such as version 13 is recommended.
  • PostGIS database extension version 2.2 or later.
  • Tomcat servlet container version 8.5.50 or later, or other Servlet API 3.1 compliant servlet containers.
  • Cluster setup only (optional): Redis data store version 4 or later.


@said Were you able to diagnose the issue. Facing the same on one of my instances predominantly with the maintenance app and other apps installed from the App Hub. I saw a couple of errors on the dashboard as well but the main thing is with maintenance

@Gassim After installing a SSL certificate to your registered domain, what else can be done to ensure access to the app or internal redirects are not affected? I’m going through the documentation and I think all is in order for the same. Do you have additional pointers?

System Specifications:

Linux OS - JRE 11
DHIS2 version 2.37.9. and 2.37.8 (recent update was performed where the issue was still present)
Postgres 13. Tomcat 0.

The fix suggested here seems to be the solution. Thank you again @SferaDev !!!

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