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Dear DHS2 Community,

I am new to DHS2. In fact, I am a Freelance Research Consultant in Malawi doing project baseline, mid-term and endline evaluations including impact assessments and provide support to organisations in developing robust M & E Frameworks/systems. I am compelled to learn DHS2 programming as online and digital M & E systems is the direction for most organisations and I have read about DHS2 and seen that it is very potential for online and digital M & E systems so that I better assist my client organisations. I am a proficient programmer in other mobile data collection application like Kobo Toolbox, SurveyCTO, Survey Solutions, CSPro mobile, Ona, Magpi etc,

In my pursuit to learn DHS2 programming, I have installed it on my laptop running on Windows 10 64 bit following instructions as provided by Meghan on DHIS2: District Health Information System: DHIS2 Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 10.

I have installed Java version jre8u411 and Tomcat9.0.90, PostgreSQL16 and used dhs2_stable-41.0.1.war for deployment. I followed all the instructions to detail and the application deployed fully however, on trying to test it as indicated in the instructions by Meghan, http://localhost8080/dhs2, it is giving me that HTTP Status 404 - Not Found.

Would anyone help what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi @MukhalaCT

Welcome to the DHIS2 Community!

The external blogpost you shared was last updated in 2019 and for version number 2.32, and many requirements have changed since then.

Since this is a local instance and not production, I recommend following the guide here:


Many thanks @AL-Gassim Sharaf Addin.


Are the commands run in the Windows command prompt/Powershell? Like this one:

yarn global add @dhis2/cli and npm install --global @dhis2/cli


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For the terminal, I recommend using bash on Windows, please check this guide: Develop your DHIS2 Web Apps in WSL Environment