HTTP status 404- not found for http://localhost:8080/dhis2/

Dear colleagues,
i would like your kind assistance in solving or making me understand why i cannot access the server localhost:8080 when i install on my windows 10 x64 DHIS2 version 2.38.1 which i downloaded from the dhis2 website…
I have already installed with it tomcat 10.0.23
Postgresql 14.5
Java 1.8.0_341

@Haliz.t Try by first checking that tomcat is started on your machine. Secondly remove the /dhis2 and just try accessing using http://localhost:8080.

You can also check the tomcat logs to get what the actual error might be

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Hi @Haliz.t
Please check the Software Compatibility second The second objective is to check file dhis.conf what you type inside to make sure not missing any character.
if still have the same problem you can contact me through skype at m.sabri78


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