HTTP Status 403 – Forbidden for New User

Hello house what can cause this error for new user login attempt?

I can login as an admin to my remote instance on online. I used my admin account to create a user account. When I tries to login with the user account it shows the error HTTP Status 403 – Forbidden more like the user is forbidden from login into the site.

I clear the site and cache still the same issue.

When I checked the backend I got the message ``* INFO 2022-09-15T10:07:09,899 Authentication event AuthenticationSuccessEvent username Test_User ip xxx.xx.xx.xx sessionId ed6a92c73b7a713349722ba168292456a8526e718405a6f28e52729bd3246018 ( [http-nio-8080-exec-7]) IDLECM5z/TJ1wuGexh/508GtEh0RAWAWFvgxark1pXBg4=```

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@jetisco4u ,

This would happen if the logged in user doesn’t have permission to the app that they are routed to when they login.

The default app the user is routed to is “Dashboard” but this can be changed in system settings. Make sure the users have access to this app that they get routed to on login :slight_smile: to avoid this issue.


I have changed the redirect app to a custom app. I also add the user to a group with access to the app. In the web I clear site setting and cookies and was able to login again. But after some time was logged out and the error return. But on my phone the error won’t clear despite clearing cache, cookies and site settings. I can only login with an admin account.

@jetisco4u , as was mentioned above first check the login path it should be like https://your_domain_name/dhis-web-dashboard/#/ Otherwise you will get the same error again.
And obviously after using ADMIN profile clean the cache.

Regards, Ulanbek

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@Ulanbek thanks. The clear cache app didn’t work I had to clear the site storage at the devTool. Though sometimes it just work that I logout from admin and login into a lower user account and have access.


Sometimes browser’s internal cache or server cache may cause a problem. Therefore you can press CTRL+SHIFT +R on the address bar of the browser. It will do hard reload of actual data from the server.

Please try it.
Regards, Ulanbek