Http Error 409 Only identifiable object collections can be removed from

Hi guys,

I’m trying to send a post request to dhis2 using the fetch implementantion in React. But i keep getting the “http 409 : only identifiable object collections can be removed from” and i dont understand what the error is about.

We are using dhsi2 to store agriculture data and here is how the endpoint is looking :

         id : "something"
         anotherNode : "someElse"
         attributeValues : [ ]

what am trying to do is send data to the attributeValues Node. This is how my fetch request looks like :

let jsonString ={
            lastUpdated: currentTime,
            created: currentTime,
            value: newName,
            attribute: {
                id : indicatorID

fetch(`${id}/attributeValues`, {
        body: JSON.stringify(jsonString),
            headers: {
                'Authorization' : basicAuth,
                'Content-type': 'application/json',
        method: 'POST'

        .then(response => response.json());

anyone with any solutions or ideas on how to solve this error, please help me out. I’ve read the docs at:
but am still having trouble understanding how to post my data. Please assist