How to use the same data element in different stages within the same program

(Gérard Bisama) #1

Hi community,

I have setup a program that contains 2 stages: Prevention and Traitment. I have a data element called “Date of testing” that is entered in the ‘Prevention’. In the Traitment stage I want again to display the data element “Date of testing” if it has been already provided. if Not the field remaind empty and I can enter the value during the Traitment stage.
I have tried to use program rule with the concept of source type Data element from the newest event in the current program but I dont get it clearly.
I have assigned the variable “Date of testing” in the two stage.
I have create a program variable with source type :Data element from the newest event in the current program.
I am a little bit confused on the way of setting up the program rule.
Could some one help me with the good approach, step or example to do it.