How to use indicator on an indicator

I wanted to use an indicator as a numerator for another. How do I do it ?

To explain more, I have ’ Activity Performance(YTD)’ indicator which is summation of activities over summation of target

Know, I want to create ‘Project Performance(YTD)’ indicator, which will be 'Activity Performance(YTD)'indicator over total number of activities that are not zero.

It will also be helpful if you also of have alternate flow to implement this. Ps: it is kinda urgent

Why not when creating the Project Performance indicator, make the nominator the formula used to calculated the ‘Activity Performance and the denominator the "total number of activities that are not zero’?

I mean it doesn’t require to use the other indicator, just replicate the formula used to calculate it in the new indicator.

There’s something called a combined indicator but that’s when combing a Program Indicator with an Indicator.

I hope this helps! Thanks!


And your fast response is impeccable

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@Gassim Thank you for this solution.

How about having independent indicators which can be used in other indicators: N{indicator_uuid}. Am looking at a situation that you would like to have an indicators to display to the user and also be used in another indicator as either denominator or numerator. This is to make maintenance easy, by having this indicator that can be updated and the change is effected at all other indicators that use it. Thank is may thought.

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You’re welcome @Eyuel_Nigussie! :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining the use case. It does sound interesting. Would you like to create a feature request on Jira (Projects - Jira) explaining the use case and the feature request? If you do please share the link to the issue here so other community members can follow as well as vote for the feature request.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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This is not a new feature request. The feature already exists.

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Brilliant! I was looking for it under the metadata browser and couldn’t find an “indicator” tab:

@Eyuel_Nigussie actually you know have an easier solution. Instead of duplicating the expression, you can get the indicator UiD and use it as explained by @dmaritim:

Then insert the id in the curly brackets: N{id}

Thanks for sharing your input @dmaritim !