How to unscramble data elements in dhis2 app

hi, so i made a program on the dhis2 web, but all the program elements are scrambled as well as the options set. how can i go about unscrambling them

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Hi @APO,

Welcome to the DHIS2 Community!

A quick one - Did you format your questions the way you want them to appear on the app or did you leave them as they were (default)? You can format it on the Program >> Create Data Entry Form>> On the Basic tab, you can reorganize the order for it to appear how you want. On the Section tab, you can use it if your form has different sections.

On the Option sets, you had an option of choosing whether to sort by Name, code/ value or manually for it to display how you want it.

You can revisit the program and see if you can adjust as described then get back to us if you need more info.


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hi, so yeah apparently i did not format the way i wanted it to appear on the app. i just did it on the section area not on the basic

thank you for your help



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