How to show attribute list columns in Relationship widget


Hello, After setting up the relationship between 2 programs, it is not possible to know a particular relative without clicking. Is it possible to expose the fields eg. First name, last name, id etc. This has worked fine in previous versions. I am using v2.30. Maybe i need to activate something? I dont know.

Kindly assist.


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Hi @Abumere_Ejakhegbe, you can try doing the following steps:

a. Assign the common attributes between the two programs which you want to show in the relationship widget to the ‘Tracked Entity Type’ by editing the tracked entity type, assuming you are using Person as a tracked entity type for both programs, then assign for example First Name, Last Name to Person tracked entity type and Save.

b. Next, edit the above assigned attributes (first name and last name), and select ‘Display in list without program’ and Save

Clear the browser cache, go to tracker capture, and try adding a relationship now, it should show the First Name, and Last Name in the widget.

Hoping that this will work, please let us know in case it doesn’t.


@Saurabh, Thanks for this. Just what I needed. Works fine now. Cheers

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Dear @Saurabh and @Abumere_Ejakhegbe , thanks for this solution. It works for me too )))


thanks for this solution. It works for me too

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