How to set up HTTPS for the DHIS2

Hello Team, I have some few questions that i wish to inquire about

How to set the port to 80 and not 8080 so we don’t need to be using :8080 on the url .That way we need only the ip address

Second how do i enable the use of https so that I’ll be using https://… to access the DHIS2 instance on the server?

Hi Raphael, you can edit the server.xml in the Tomcat \conf directory if you’re hosting DHIS directly on Tomcat. If you use a reverse proxy, you would need to set that up accordingly. See the installation chapter of the administrators manual here: Home - DHIS2 Documentation
Look for the Tomcat installation section.

What is your environment?
What server operating system are you running?
Are you Running Tomcat + PostgreSQL or do you also have a reverse proxy (nginx or apache)?

For TLS (https) you need a server certificate and key. There are different ways to get one with the ideal way being to purchase a certificate from a provider such as godaddy or comodo, but you can also use a free certificate service such as letsencrypt which requires you to renew the certificate regularly (every 3 months). The effort required and instructions depend on your environment, so let us know more and we’ll try to help.

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