How to send an SMS to Tracked Entity Instance


I would like to send an SMS to a tracked entity instance when a specific data element is triggered by skip logic rule.
Your urgent response is highly appreciated we have implemented this for COVID-19. I need your guidance for the implementation. thanks in advance.

Hello what version of DHIS2 are you using ?

thank you for the response actually I managed to fix the issue.

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Salam Mujtaba
Please let us know how did u mange to fix the issue.

HI @diallotafsir52
thanks for willing to help
I am using dhis 2.33.2 and asking for the same issue what do u advise

Hi @alshaygi,

First you have to setup a SMS Getway in Mobile Configuration then create a notification in program.there should be tracked entity attribute with phone number value type.

Create a program rule to send an SMS.

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