How to schedule standard interval date off last actual "report date / event date / incident date" NOT the last "due date"

Scheduling consecutive events in tracker uses standard interval days from the last due date. Is this by design? I would like to use last actual event date as the base to schedule the next repeatable program stage.

Version 2.34.2

Hi @ejkinsey,

Is this behaving in Android different from Web? I am wondering if your question is specifically about Android or in general about the way Tracker schedules events.


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Good question. I have checked and it appears to behave differently on the Android than on the Web.
If I schedule on the Web it will use the last report date (i.e. today) to calculate the default number of days until next appointment (120 days in my case).
If I schedule on the Android it will use the last due date (which could still be a date in the future in my case).


Hey @ejkinsey . I have been making some tests and you seem to be right, there is a discrepancy between web and Android. I have reported it in JIRA: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA