How to restrict access to Report App menu items


Please note I want to give access rights only to Standard reports under Reports app, nothing else.

How do I do it? Basically, the other menu options do not serve any purpose to us and I don’t want the users to see and use it.

What I noticed is, as soon as I gave access to “See Report App” authority, all menu items for Report App are available/shown to the user.

BTW, I can restrict access to “Analytics” by removing the “Administrate data mart” authority.

  • We are using DHIS2 Version 2.29, Build 0b4de69
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Hi @MSP,

On the apps, I think once you give user access to the Reports App, they will be able to see all its sub-menu items. What you can do to work aroun this is to restrict the users’ access to the data and programs.


Thanks for the update @jomutsani.

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