How to proceed: Attribute or data element?

Hi everyone,


Please see the image above.

I want to build a tracker in which I have to register the head of household, the number of people living in the household disaggregated by age and sex. As the number of people living in the household disaggregated by age and sex is unlikely to change over time as we follow up with the households, I am thinking of creating these disaggregations as tracked entity attributes as follows:


• Name of the head of household
• Number of people living in the household
• Female 10-14
• Female 14-19
• Female 20-24
• Female >25
• Male 10-14
• Male 14-19
• Male 20-24
• Male >25

Would it be right or advisable to do this? Looking forward to some advice


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Hi @hernandezmachava,
Thank you for your patience and interest in getting the community involved in the discussion. I’m still a beginner and trying to learn - just finished the Tracker Use Academy Level 1! :tada: But I hope that my contribution will also be helpful.

I believe that you don’t need all those separations and all that long list. Only one attribute for Age is enough, and one attribute for Sex (Option set) because then you are able to filter these attributes as you like. Additionally, I would recommend that you make a program rule for “number of people living in the household” so that it’s not entered manually but that it is calculated by the total count of males and females in the household.

I hope this helps! :pray:

hi @Gassim,

It really valuable contribution, but if we define age and sex as attributes, won’t these attributes be linked to the head of household? As seen in the image above, we want to capture the name of head of household and the number of people living in the household and in this case I think defining age and sex as attributes they won’t be linked to household members, but to the head of household.

With this scenario, will it be possible to calculate the following:

Thank you.