How to pass number string to string data element in webapi?

call api like this: /dhis/api/33/events?program=iiPGRJV6Wg4&field=event&filter=naeTwJSM0Kx:eq:140624200201150023
where naeTwJSM0Kx is a string type dataelement. the value is a number string. got this error: how to do type Conversion in url ?

“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“ERROR : operator doesn’t exist( 操作符不存在): text = bigint\n
suggest(建议) :no matched operator to specified name an para type ,maybe you should add type Conversion 。
(没有匹配指定名称和参数类型的操作符. 您也许需要增加明确的类型转换.\n 位置:2361”}