How to out put category option name and uid in this sql request

Hi Everybody,

I got this request that helps me output date element and their category sent through the mailling list. Now I need to output the same thing with in addition the category option name and its uid.

Please, could someone can help?

Sql query :

SELECT de.dataelementid, de.uid as dataelmt_uid, as dataelementname, de.shortname as dataelementshortname, coc.categoryoptioncomboid, as ccname, as cocname, coc.uid as cocuid,
cc.categorycomboid, cc.uid as ccuid, as opname, dataelementcategoryoption.uid as opuid
FROM dataelement de LEFT JOIN categorycombos_optioncombos coccc on de.categorycomboid = coccc.categorycomboid
LEFT JOIN categorycombo cc ON coccc.categorycomboid = cc.categorycomboid
LEFT JOIN categoryoptioncombo coc ON coccc.categoryoptioncomboid = coc.categoryoptioncomboid
ORDER BY de.dataelementid