How to make my Dashboard accessible from external users, even when they don't have DHIS2?

i want people to see the Dashboard i created even when they don’t have DHIS2 on their PCs

Hi @Rania,
Here’s a video (URL starts at the end for the “sharing”) from the DHIS2 Fundamentals Academy course to get you started:

DHIS2 2.29 Finding and Viewing Dashboards

But as you see in the docs:

  • External access (without login)
    This option, when selected, provides access to the dashboard as an external resource through the API.
    read more.

If api is not a solution you could get to at this moment, how about Dashboard printing?

DHIS 2.35 - Dashboard Printing

I am not sure if by your question mean enabling a dashboard publicly on DHIS2 system for users without an account. AFAIK this is not possible. However, if you can consider using other tools you might find the plugin for Wordpress very useful: GitHub - crsorggithub/DHIS2-Wordpress-Plugin: The DHIS2 Wordpress plugin allows to connect your DHIS2 with Wordpress and add any charts / graphs / maps in Wordpress

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