How to Learn Healthcare Report designing and structuring

Dear Folks,

I would Like to learn Report designing and structure for healthcare related data. I am a beginner and the related knowledge that I have is from the Fundamental courses only.
I appreciate if you provide me with your advice.

Hi @A_Hasan

Welcome back to the DHIS2 Community! Thank you for sharing your interest here. The question is very broad and the implementation is always different from use case to another and from program to another; however, I see that you have posted in the Education category whereas your question specifically mentions healthcare so I’ve moved your post to the Implementation - Implémentation category.

There are many ways to learn more on Implementing DHIS2 projects for health care, and since you have completed the four DHIS2 Fundamentals (Introduction to DHIS2, Aggregate Data Capture and Validation Fundamentals, DHIS2 Aggregate Data Analysis Fundamentals, and DHIS2 Aggregate Customization Fundamentals) there are still other self-paced digital courses you can learn from to increase your knowledge and skills, see here for full list of courses including the Planning and Budgeting DHIS2 Implementations.

Additionally, probably it’s time to continue your learning path by taking DHIS2 Academy level 1 and level 2 courses, search for opportunities to participate in In-Country academies, and explore the knowledge shared during the DHIS2 Annual Conferences.

Finally, if you want to gain more insight, the documentation has answers specifically to your question. First, learn more about CHIS Implementation or even explore more information from the Metadata category in the DHIS2 Documentation by selecting the program you want to learn more about is design and structure from the list found in the left sidebar on this page: (About the WHO Digital Health Data Toolkit - DHIS2 Documentation)

I hope this helps. Thanks!