How to import csv file data in tracker using Import/export App

Hi, Please any idea on how to import using this App

@Gassim @Stephan_Mestach @Quoda

1.Can you stop creating new threads each time.

  1. If it’s still about TEI import

Export existing data, you’ll understand what the json/csv should looks like.
But as I said in a previous post, the payload is really “technical” (ex 1 line per attribute instead of 1 column per TEI in your “typical business excel”).
I’can’t find the thread since you already created several in the meantime.

So either you need to code something that transform your excel in to the expected format, or use the app in hub.

@Gassim It’s also showing perhaps a lack of documentation, describing the options available. If someone from the dhis2 could “elaborate” bit around that in a document.

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@Stephan_Mestach ok no problem, sorry you are right