How to implement recording variable multiple vaule for a tracker's attribute or dataelement value

for a tracker’s attribute, for example, allergic history,different people may have different number of allergic history, how to define a tracker attribute or data element to implement /achieve this?

Hi @linxd,

What is the expected answer for this attribute? Is it Yes/No? Or a list of items to select from? If you want to aggregate it then TEXT should probably be in an option set?

Thank you! (:

thanks for your quick answer ,
I hope user can add items as they want. will be a dynamic list. not an text DE.

You’re welcome!

So this means they choose from a list rather than ‘write a description themselves’?

as you said, user should combine the UI selected items to a string and then asign to an text dataelement.

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Then I think the best way to approach this is to create an option set and the options should be the prewritten text for the user to select from, and then the option set should be selected when creating the data element.

@Shurajit_Dutta demonstrates here in the Tracker Config Academy an example of associating a data element with an option set (URL at time of explanation) Tracker Configuration Academy 2022 Day 3 Part 2 - YouTube

Hope this helps! Please feel free to post back with more questions! :slight_smile:


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