How to implement a DHIS2 people counter?

Hello Everyone,

Can someone point me to a resource to get started with DHIS2 implementation. I would like to implement a people counter using DHIS ecosystem. I want to use android smartphone to capture the data on the field
I can then build further from that point.

Can someone pls suggest a roadmap to follow to achieve a people counter?


Hi @kollyhood - I’ve updated the title of this topic to better match your question. I’m sure someone from the community might be able to help, can you explain more what you are trying to implement? What kind of people are you counting and what do you want to know about them?

To get started with DHIS2 I would recommend following one of our online academies

Thank you @austin
The goal of the project is to identify the children living under poor conditions and offer them free vocation training, Therefore we want to count the number of families and their childrens with aspirations.

I still believe it should work out of the box.