How to get Radio Button in Data Entry Form through Option Set

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I am new to DHIS2 Community and trying to implement the same in the my organization. Kindly help to know how to get Radio Button in Data Entry through Option Set. I am getting Drop-down options.


Sanjeev Gupta

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Welcome to the DHIS2 Community.
You will be able to change from default drop down list to radio buttons when you are assigning the data elements to a program stage. Go to Maintenance>>Program>>Program Stages>>Assign Data Elements Below this you will see mobile render type (for the android app data entry) and desktop render type (for desktop data entry) click the arrow on each data element to see the options to choose from. There is both vertical radio buttons and horizontal radio buttons. See Image attached

PS: The system will always take the default if selected option is not supported.
Let me know how this works out.


Dear Sanjeev,

this feature is currently not available. There is a Jira issue dedicated to this feature:

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