How to get DataElement IDs for a Dataset including their category combination

Hello team,

I was looking at DataElement IDs API. [api/dataElements?]
I noticed we have an API that gets DataElement IDs but these dont pull DataElement IDs with their category combinations. I have a huge DataSet which has several Category combinations for the DataElements.

An example of a DataElement ID derived from a category combination is: “VwlyIc7IkO1.YM4Vx76KVh9” Where the first part is for the categorycombo and the other the ID for the DataElement.

Do we have an API that can pull all the DataElement IDs and their category combination?

Hi @mountain, something like this?,name,dataSetElements[dataElement[id,name,categoryCombo[id,name]]]

Hello @dhuser ,
Thank you very much. That was able to get some Data Elements and category combination like requested. However, I noticed that only a few were returned when I ran on my server. The major elements only. I used a custom Data Set to create it.