How to get aggregate data from specific data element group or data set (power bi)

I am trying to get data to power bi. When I use dhis2 connector to pull aggregate data to power bi. it takes too long pulling data because it pull all the data elements in the database. So I would like to know how to pull data from specific data element group or dataset to get data faster. Can anyone please guide me how to do.

Hi @Kyawmoewai_Ngp

Thank you for the question! What method are you currently using? What is the version of dhis2 in your instance? And are you using the (DHIS2-to-Power BI connector) app?

You might find these topics helpful: Search results for 'powerbi app after:2021-01-01' - DHIS2 Community


yes, I am using the (DHIS2-to-power bi connector) app. I found another issue. when I pull the value to power bi, it comes up only total data for the data elements which have some category options (such as gender-male/female). I cannot find the disaggregated data.