How to find total patients enrolled in a program

​Hello everyone,

I use programs to capture data of chronic disease patients (TEI is a
So I have programs defined for Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma etc.
Patients enroll when they are diagnosed with a disease and exit when they
either move out of the location or when they die.

​s there a way to find out total number of patients enrolled in a
particular program​ at a particular time?
I need this number to find the prevalence rate of the disease ​of a location
I tried defining program indicator
using the variables v{tei_count}, v{enrollment_count}
​ but they do not show the total entities currently enrolled in a program .
If there is no such variable to get this number, is there any other way to
generate the prevalence rate?

Thanks in advance,
Arun Paul

Hi community,

Could anyone help solve Arun’s problem? It is of interest to me. If we were to use program indicators, what steps should we consider?