How to find data added to dhis program tracker form

(IM Officer) #1

Hello everyone,
we’ve created a program and tracked entities. Then we created a form to fill data with in the program/tracker section.

After adding data, we can’t find everything and in the report section the searched value is empty.

How can we find all data added to dhis 2 form.

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(James Omutsani) #2

Hi @im_officer_leb,

Are you able to see the entries on the tracker capture app after data entry?


(Pamod Amarakoon) #3


I assume you tried the reports tab of Tracker Capture app? Did you select the Org Unit that you have entered data and the proper date you enrollled TEI?
Do you see the list of tracked entity instances when you open up the data entry form of Tracker Capture.

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(IM Officer) #4

If I added a value, it will be replaced with the previous added value.

Anyway, neither values are shown in the report section.

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