How to edit your own post?

(Cha Tum) #1


I’m trying to edit my own post, but cannot find any button or options to do so.
The only options available are to share, delete or bookmark. How can I edit my own post?

Thank you.


(Karoline Tufte Lien) #2

Hi @wtum,

Can you edit your post now?
I believe it was because " post edit time limit" was set to low. Now it is unmilited.

(Cha Tum) #3

Hi @Karoline,

Yes, it works now, thank you for changing the setting!
One more question regarding the post, I was only able to add one image to a post and I got an error message saying “new user can upload a maximum of one image.” Is there a workaround this?

Thank you.


(Karoline Tufte Lien) #4

Hi again @wtum!

Yes, seems like the limit for new users were 1 image. I have increased it to 10.

(Cha Tum) #5

Thank you @Karoline! :slight_smile: