How to edit category option combination in Dhis2

Dear Dhis2 family

The system created a Category option combination, but the problem is that it combined unmatching category combinations and categories, resulting in an error whenever I try to import the data set into Dhis2. I understand that category option combinations are generated automatically by the system, but is there a way to modify them accordingly ?

Hi @Shapr0019

What version of dhis2 are you using? Are you able to reproduce this issue in any of the instances? Would you share the steps to reproduce this issue?

Could you share screenshot of this mismatching?


@Gassim What really trigger the creation and the updating of Category option combination. Many categories option combinations are linked to one Category combination which is wrong. I might happen when I created category combination and category in Dhis2. Later, I noticed all the Category option combination are linked to one category combination and how to align it correctly.