How to Designe attached form (including Table)

I am designating the attached form as an event program, as it will be used with every healthcare facility (HF). I have designed most of the form fields as data elements. However, I am facing a challenge with how to represent the table that is inside this form.

If I create another event, I am unsure of how to link it to the form. Can someone please provide guidance on this matter?

Thank you.

You can build the very same design in Microsoft Word, then just copy the whole thing and paste it in the Custom Design form for particular Event Program.

thanks a lot. Excuse me, but after pasting it into the custom form, do I need to create and assign the data elements to specific fields?

Yes you do. Make sure you pick up the right data element from the lists. You need to create them and add them as part of the program.

Dear @Daler
Thank you for your explanation. I followed your instructions, but I am having difficulty working with data elements of the table shown in the attached picture. I’m not sure how to add the data elements to the table matrix. Specifically, I need to add details such as employees’ names, sex, qualifications, training on CMAM, training on IYCF, training on EPI, Training on OMCI, and whether they are employees or not.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how many rows the table should have since the number of employees may vary. It could be 5, 6, 7, or more depending on the total number of employees in the health facility.

Could you please help me understand how to add these details (data elements) to the table? Thank you.

I think you need to watch some Youtube videos on how to add DE in to custom forms. You click on your custom form where you want to add some DE and the you chose it from the right side, where you have the list of DE. But I highly suggest you to watch some youtube videos, because its the basics of DHIS2 and you don’t seem to know it.

Regarding dynamically adding DE, its not possible. So you either put an extra DE or the maximum number of employees, so you will always have some DE that you need to fill. However, this is a bad practice. When you translate your paper tool in to Digital tool, there should be re-design of the tool so it will match with data collection and later to reports and indicators.

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Excuse me @Daler @Gassim
if we assume we have a table with 4 rows of employees and 5 columns (name, date of birth, salary, position, and location), that means we will need to create 20 data elements. Am I right??

You only need to create the metadata once but if will be filled as many times. If this is tracker (which I believe it should be) then the employee is going to be the Tracked Entity (TE) with TE attributes such as name, data of birth, salary (maybe or it could be a data element, depends whether this changes so often as well as if it’s common for all TEs…etc), and position (same as salary). The Location would be the OU the TE is enrolled in. :+1:

Thanks, @Gassim
This is an event program, not a tracker. and this table needs to fill it many times. What do I have to do now?