How to delete a sTracked Entity Instance filter?

Hello @Gassim I have a question based on this.
How do I delete a trackedinstancefilter?


This mysteriously appeared on our instance and replaced the default controls. No one seems to know how or who created it.
Please how do I remove it?


Thanks for the question! To view the list you can go to: yourinstance/trackedEntityInstanceFilters, and to delete it you’d probably need to send an API request. I can’t find it at the moment but maybe it’s in the docs. However, I recommend using the Capture app instead. The predefined list view is so much more flexible and easier to use:

Thank you @Gassim. We are yet to make a full transition to the Capture app because, in our testing, it has not been seamless. When you select the TEI from the capture app and try to open the TEI dashboard, on many occasions, a blank page is loaded. The most recent test case was yesterday while trying to resolve some of the issues we are having with the tracker capture app.

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Please share these test cases in the CoP with steps to reproduce so that if they are bugs, you can create Jira bug issues for the software team. Thanks!