How to create Program Indicator to count one TEI, who is enrolled in earlier months, only once even multi visit in same month


We are using Tracker Capture to track individuals in HIV program. Individual is enrolled in one month and that individual is followed up next month to provide services. The services are updated using program stage as event to the same TEI. So, there are situation of updating events more than once for the same TEI in same month.

We have created Program Indicator based on Event Count but this indicator produces total numbers of events which i is correct as per the logic in indicator but we want to count that person only one even the event is multiple.

Please suggest how to create Program Indicator to get this result.


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Hi @Pradeep,

I have a similar problem to yours. Have you worked out how to build that kind of indicator?

I have created a tracker to track patients across multiple home visits.

My major issue is how to design an indicator that guarantees each patient is counted only once even if having multiple stages/home visits, both for non repeatable stage and repeatable stages.

I was wondering if you could help create this kind of indicator with respect to Program indicator components. This is the indicator I have built. It counts a patient multiple times but I want the patient to be counted only once.

Aggregation type: count

Analytics type: event

Expression: V{event_count}

Filter: atendance_visit_1 = ‘present’ and atendance_visit_2 = ‘present’ and atendance_visit_3 = ‘present’ untli vist 8

I will be grateful if any member of the community could give me support