How to Create Map for my Health Unit

Dear Knut,
Thanks for your response and really I was referring to the facilities. But there is no legend indicating those are the facilities in Sierra Leone and if I have a new facility's coordinate how can I include it the map. Using a legend to exactly pin-point the location of that facility.


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Hi Gerald,

As far as I know, there are already health facility coordinates in the SL database, so I assume you are talking about some facilities that are missing coordinates, perhaps new ones?

There are two ways of getting coordinates:

1) The best way is if someone can visit the facility with a smartphone or tablet that has GPS and record the coordinates

2) Alternatively, if a DHIS user knows exactly where the facility is in Google maps, you can read off the coordinates from Google (or any other service such as OpenStreetMap)


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Dear Support,
How can I create map inclusive of its coordinates for our health units. Thanks in advance for your help.

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