How to create CUSTOM FORMS in DHIS2

How to develop custom data entry forms in DHIS2. Is theRE well documented steps on how to create customs form in DHIS2, scripting


Thank you for your question @Shapr0019 ! Please explain what kind of steps you’re looking for?

I would like to note that although custom forms work on web view the mobile app does not support custom forms.

I want to design Customs data entry forms that works on Web DHIS2.

Okay, thanks! :slight_smile:

After you have configured the dataset, here are the basic steps to get started with creating a custom form:

  1. Go to Maintenance app
  2. Select Dataset and then from the lists of datasets select the ellipsis (three dots)
  3. Select Design data entry form

Then you can use the CKEditor to design your dataset:

@Gassim thank you very much for this while i was looking for dynamic forms designed maybe using scripting design custom forms

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You’re welcome @Shapr0019!

That’s why I mentioned the ‘Source’ option in the CKEditor since it allows you to design the form using your own HTML script. The other options if you want which don’t include scripting is to use either the default forms or the section forms (Data Sets and Forms - DHIS2 Documentation)

Hope this helps! :+1:

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