How to create a programme indicator to count the number of 10-14 year olds in a programme

I want to create a programme indicator that counts how many 10-14 year olds have received a service. I have a working indicator that shows the total number of people reached with a service. I therefore want to add something onto the end of the filter that that filters for age. Looking at other posts here, it looks like it should be something like:

&& d2:yearsBetween(A{FJa9259tPvx},V{current_date})>=10 && d2:yearsBetween(A{FJa9259tPvx},V{current_date})<=14

(where A{FJa9259tPvx} = A{Date of birth/Age attribute})

a) This doesn’t work (it returns all the people who received a service regardless of age) and
b) If at all possible i would like the age to be calculated based on the person’s age at the end of the time period i am measuring. However that’s less important than getting the actual indicator to work!

We are on version 2.37.9.

Thank you in advance!


Hello @adownie
I wanted to learn more about what you did .
Could you please tell me about the below things:

  1. What is the value type of the attribute? Is it Age or Date?
  2. What did you chose as Aggregation type of the indicator?
  3. What did you use in the Expression section of the indicator?


Thanks for such a quick reply. In answer to your questions:

  1. Attribute value type is: Age
  2. Aggregation type: Count
  3. Expression: V{tei_count}

Some very very old discussion here: Storing value type 'Age' in numeric form - #6 by Calle_Hedberg