How to create a Dashboard in DHIS2 version 2.36 or 2.39 from scratch

For a long, I am trying to create a Dashboard in DHIS2 but have not been able to create it because I need to set up all the parameters in the Maintenance tab, Data set, Data element etc or I missed some important steps.

Does anybody have sample data with a user guide where I can restore that sample data in Pgadmin 4 on windows and can see that change in DHIS2 Dashboard.

I have seen lots of videos but in that some of the data are already populated.

Thank you!

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Could you clarify more how you’d like it to change the dashboard?

You can check out dhis2 sample data here.

You can also use the import/export app!

Hello Gassim,

I am new and learning DHIS2, so I need more support from you.

I have downloaded file and uploading “IMM_AGG_COMPLETE_1.0.0_DHIS2.36.json” file, while uploading this from Import/Export tab getting below error.

All data are ignored.
My selected options while uploading this file.

I am clicked on Start Dry run.

Please guide me so I can get the data on Dashboard.

Hi Kandarp Joshi
Dashboards are the last step in a process of setting up a functional DHIS2 instance. To create a DHIS2 instance you need to do all the steps like configuring a organisational hierarchy, (org groups etc maybe optional). Then you need to create a list of data elements that are assigned to a dataset. A dataset is assigned to a org unit. Indicators are configured based on the data elements created. Data is captured. Analytics tables are run. The using the data visualiser, create some tables and charts. Save them all. THEN you are ready to create a dashboard. Create a new dashboard and populate it with the objects you have saved: pivots/charts etc.
OR have a careful look at the Sierra Leone demo instances, look at how the Org Hierarchy is set up, Look at how data elements are created, and how they are assigned to datasets.
Unfortunately it is not a simple case of install DHIS2 and make a dashboard. There are MANY steps before that can happen.
I hope this helps you understand some of the processes involved

Thank You Norah.

I am a learner, is there any document from scratch (step by step), so I can add/set up all parameters in my dashboard?

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I would suggest that you start with the DHIS2 documentation.
What is DHIS2? - DHIS2 Documentation and start from there. There are many steps before you get to a dashboard.
Start at the beginning and do not rush things. Then you may get it right. Have you enrolled for the DHIS2 Fundamentals course - that is a good place to start.

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