How to count total number of questions with a particular option selected as a answer from data entry app

Dear Altruist,

I have a simple data entry form with a couple of questions and each question has answer from same set of option set. I have created data elements for each questions and created a data set for this. I could browse the data entry form, from data entry app and could enter data and get report in pivot table and chart. Now I want to count total number of questions with particular option selected as a answer in report. Please help me with your expertise, how can I get this count as a report in DHIS2?

I have attached screenshot of my data entry form this might help you to get more on this. I want to count total number of question with option selected as a "Not Met’

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Hi @sohel,

I haven’t tried it on data sets, but I have an idea of getting the count using the Event reports - You can create an event program with the same data elements (you’ll have to create tracker data elements) then when you run the event reports, you will get the details you need easily.

It’s a discussion to get you the best way of getting what you need… other members in the community can add on to this if anyone else has more information



Hi @sohel, I notice you are using a dataSet which is designed for aggregate data. In this case, you will be required to create standard reports for such analysis. It would have been easier if you were using programs (i.e designed for tracker data) instead. You would directly use the event reports as @jomutsani suggests or create a program indicator for that.