How to control quality of uploaded image

Hello DHIS2 Support Team,
I noticed that there is some loss of quality of a image after being uploaded in a data element. Can I upload any image without quality loss? Because some sofistacated images (e.g. ECG) become totally unreadable after upload. Using DHIS2 version 2.34.0.

Thanks in advance.
Dr. B. M. Riazul Islam

Hi @riaz.somc
DHIS2 uploads image in four different sizes. Large(1024, 1024), Medium(512, 512 ), small(256, 256) and Original. This size/dimension can be provided while accessing image resouce. For example


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Thank you @zubair for your kind help. Now I am facing the problem when the image is uploaded using DHIS2 Capture android app. When uploaded from web browser the quality remains good. @Hannan vai, drawing your kind attention.

Dr. B. M. Riazul Islam

Hi @riaz.somc,

DHIS2 Android capture app uses MEDIUM quality to download and upload images to server. Currently, it is not possible to select LARGE quality: the reason for that was to avoid high mobile data consumption and data storage. But it is true that it could be used in certain environments (stable WIFI, etc). Please could you create a ticket in JIRA with this request?


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