How to assign two Category Combination for single data element

I have this form Guys ? How can i assing more than one combination category to single element to model the following ? Please , help.

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Hi @dannyboy,

I don’t think it’s possible how you want to combine it

Have you considered creating 2 data elements for this; One with Age and gender, the other one with Pregnancy and Duration?

What output do you seek to better understand your use case and assist?


Thanks @jomutsani. I just want to model that form as exactly as it is.

You might think of creating a custom form for this then. It would be easier to have all the elements incorporated… Cc: @Emma_Kassy


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Dear @dannyboy

What @jomutsani suggest i.e. creating two data elements would the most feasible since even the total all these dissaggs duplicate the data.

If you real need to design it the way it and always consider analysis based details and creating indicators to add up different dissags, then you can create one category that combines all the columns as category options.

Category options

  • 0-9 month
  • 5-14 yrs male
  • 5-14 yrs female
  • 15+ yrs male
  • 15+ yrs female
  • Pregnant 1st TMR
  • Pregnant 2nd/3rd TMR
  • Lactating < 6 month

and then combine then into one category and category combination


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