How to assign data set and programs to the users

Dear Experts,

Recently we have upgraded our DHIS2 from 2.26 to 2.29, in this we encountered a few issues in accessing some data set and programs by our users. In the previous version, the permission can be granted through using user roles, now in 2.29 i am not able to see this feature and assign permission too.

To this, I would like to seek your views and expertise.

Thanking you

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Dear Sangay,
Please ensure that your users are into groups by their responsibilities/roles in the system. The utilize the sharing function to determine who does what. Plz refer to this chapter 24 in the user manual



Dear Kaadol,
Thank you for your kind guidance and response. If I may share some info, some of the users are having multiple roles like data capturing(Data set), tracking patients(program) and analytic. In this regards, how can we assign single user to multiple roles. Thank you


  1. Specify the user groups you need, and then give each user group the correct data sharing rights.

  2. Include each user in the group OR GROUPS that defines what they need access to.

So if you have three groups (“Data Capturer - AggData”, “Data Capturer - Tracker”, and “Data Reporter”) and 4 users, you get e.g.:

  • User “Alfa” is only capturing tracker data so becomes member of “Data Capturer - Tracker”
  • User “Beta” captures Agg & tracker data only, so member of both Data capturer groups
  • User “Delta” captures agg data and reports, so member of AggData & Data reporter
  • User “Omega” is a database administrator, so is member of all three groups.

Just remember that user roles have not COMPLETELY been replaced by the sharing model, only partially. There are still relevant authorities allocated to user roles that can be used to provide or restrict access to apps and functionalities.