How to archive a program in DHIS2

Hello program managers,

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience archiving a program on DHIS2? The use case is that a big 3 year project is coming to an end soon, and we want to free up space on our DHIS2 server for new projects. However, we also still need to keep hold of the data collected for a few years for donor compliance/audit reasons. So I’m looking for a way to download and archive all the program data (and then delete it from the server), as well as disable/delete all the users linked to that program. Has anyone had any experience doing this?

Any guidance and tips are much appreciated!



Hello Monitor,

This is what I did for a program which ended after 5 years of implementation.

Backup the database (dump) on a separate media - we have cloud storage services
Backup the DHIS2 configuration folder
Backup the tomcat folder
Well you might need some write up for someone to restore it in future when needed.

Other folks may be of help.