How to aggregate DHIS2 data at all Levels

Hi all
I created a form in DHIS2 version 2.29 that receives monthly data only at the health Facilities Level, these data must later be aggregated and displayed in the report or data visualizer applications at all levels (National, Province, District and HF).
Now I can only see data by all HF levels when I click other level such District it return with no data.
How can I figure it out in order to achieve what I expect?

The domain type for all data elements is Aggregate,
The aggregate type is SUM
The value type for all data element is posetive or zero interger.

Dear @Evelichane

Thanks for sharing your challenge, there could be 2 things I can think of straight away.

  1. Did you select any aggregation level on each of the data elements?

    Dont select any level, otherwise it will restrict aggregation to that level and below only.

  2. Note that aggregation at different higher levels can only be analysed using the analytics tools (reports, pivot tables, visualizer and maps for aggregate data, but ensure you have run analytics first.


Hi @prosper,
Thank you very much, I didn’t select any aggregation level for each data element and I’m also using the analytics tools.

Thank you.