How to add one individual in two different tracker programs?


I have two related tracker programs and an individual is registered in one tracker program, how do I add the same individual in a different tracker program?

One way that I’m thinking is to register the individual in the second tracker program? If so, How do I link these two registration residing in two different tracker programs?


Once you hace registered the individual in the first program, you can just select the other tracker program (from the drop-down list at the top of the screen) and click in the “Add new” on the enrollment screen (Please check the screenshots below for reference). In this process, all the tracked entity attributes that are shared between both programs will be automatically filled in and you only need to fill in the remaining fields.


  1. First enrollment

  2. Select second program

  3. Click on “Add new”

  4. Complete the rest of the program attributes (if any) and save the enrollment

  5. In the “Enrollment” Section of the person, you’ll see the “other programs” list. Use it to navigate to the different programs but with the same individual.

Hope this can clarify the process but let us know if you were trying to do something else.