How I can reflect community health workers data on DHIS2?


In my case , we have around 2000 community health worker , 17000 community health volunteer ,and 6000 midwifes which i need to have their inputs in monthly basis on the system , the data should be entered though aggregated form as an achievement for each one , which mean we can have the reports even by their names.

the question is , how i can reflect that on DHIS2 ?, knowing that we can’t add this big number to the organization units.
it’s can be added through the category combination , but how we can list the values on the list
box based on the selected organization unit

Thanks in advance

Hi Jalal,

This sounds like a good use case for using a DHIS2 Tracker Capture program. You could create your organisation units down to the level at which CHWs are supervised (eg ‘community’ or ‘health facility’), and then create ‘CHW’ as your Tracked Entity Type, enabling multiple CHWs to be tracked for that community or health facility. This is a much more realistic configuration for a CHW program, where turnover is often high - local users can add a new CHW simply by creating a new Tracked Entity (no need to update organisation units).

You would then create a program to capture each CHW’s monthly reports, with each monthly report as a repeatable event (monthly periods). This should enable you to use Tracker Reports to follow-up on missing CHW reports (outstanding scheduled events), and will allow you to produce aggregate reports by community or health facility, by district and by region, etc.

Cheers, Sam.