How do reports get registered as "not on time"?

Hi Knut, there is another way this can be done but it looks hard to the upper level but very good to the lower level , a superuser or another role with access privilages on this sets the days for the dataset to be considered as complete(from settings)....then you press services---reports---summary rate report. Here you will get expected and actual reports plus reports on time on this specific level. Another way is to check if all reports were submitted you just use report table.


On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 1:37 AM PDT Knut Staring wrote:

>Data Sets have a property called Expiry Days, which determines when
>reporting is locked after the end of the period.
>This can be overridden by a supervisor who creates a "lock exception" to
>allow later reporting.
>Is it only in these cases that a report becomes registered as being "not on
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