How do i make user assign available in a Data Element that has value assigned using Program Rule?

I have used program rule to assign current date in a data element but the scenario is that I need to be able to change the date manually as well. Once, the date is assigned by using program rule, it cannot be changed. I need to make it working both ways, by user input and by system assign.

The system assigns the date as soon as i click on Yes. I want it to make working both ways, user assign and system assign.


Hi @riwaj.amakomaya

This is the first time I encounter this question as far as I can remember so it’d be interesting to hear the use case. Unfortunately, I’m not able to figure out a way to manually edit a value that was assigned using a program rule and I think this would require a feature request; however, for a feature request, the necessity and usefulness needs to be valid and clear.

What causes the need to change the value manually? Could there be an additional fix to the program rule, data elements…etc that would help avoid editing the values manually? I hope you can share more about the challenge you are facing please.

One idea I had in mind while investigating the issue is that it might be possible to add two optional data elements:

  • manually edited date field
  • data manually edited (Yes/No) if Yes, then hide the field for the date which was assigned by the program rule, but if it is a No then hide these two optional data elements.

Maybe a final data element that will take the valid date so you’d be able to vizualize the analytics without any issues.

While this might appear as a solution, it is better to get back to the root issue and ask the questions about the use case as well as find the recommended approach by the experts.

I hope this helps still. Thank you!