How can I show category option and combination based on OU?

Hi! I hope you’re fine. I’ve just started learning DHIS2 and facing some challenge.

I have a data element for collecting electricity consumption. I want to put a conditional filter on my category options (Exhaure, Production, Distribution), so that these options are only displayed according to the selected OU (Organisation Unit).

For exemple for OU SP3 we have only Exhaure without Production and Distribution in the form:

and for OU PASPA we have Exhaure and Production only displayed in the form.

Is there a way to do achieve this with DHIS2?


Hi @waongo

While it is not possible to control the sharing access by organization unit, there are two options here:

  1. control the sharing settings of the category options using the user groups, so that user groups that are assigned to the OU SP3 will only be able to see the COs in Exhaure only whereas the user groups assigned OU PASPA will be able to see Exhaure and Production only…etc

  2. Create different datasets for different OUs.

Could you share with us why these suggestions don’t work or let us know if they do please?


Thank you a lot. I’ve tried the two options. I made Option 2 worked perfectly but for option 1 I’m facing some issue. After editing my category options sharing settings all my users can’t add value to any category option field. Only superuser can.

From non superuser

From superuser

For this exemple I have not edited sharing settings on the options in the " Consommation de Produits Chimiques " section field.

I will continue to work on It to find where I messed up

Try to create custom form, where you can use js and control everything what you need.

My data collection will mostly be through smartphone, so I avoid using custom form. But I will try this approach for learning and mastering perspective.

Thank you!