How can i achieve real-time dashboard updates 2.34.0

One of the new features in 2.34 is continuous analytics table updates, i set up a new instance and the charts do not seem to update. For some reason even after running analytics, it does not update. I have analytics scheduled to run daily at midnight and this usually updates the dashboard but this is only once a day. I need close to real time updates on the dashboard, how can i achieve that? @dhis2-tracker

Hi @herbert_kiwalya,

for the continuous analytics we have a new job type in the Scheduler app called “Continuous analytics table”. Have a look at the docs here:

You need to:

  • Remove the existing Analytics table job (if one exists).
  • Create a new job of type Continuous analytics table.
  • Set Delay in seconds to a reasonable number like 60.
  • Set Full update hour of day to a reasonable number like 2 (meaning the full analytics update will run at 2 AM every night).
  • Ensure that you disable analytics cache so that the users will see updates to visualizations even though they have recently viewed them. You can disable analytics caching from Apps > System settings > Analytics > Cache strategy > “No cache”.

Let us know if this works for you.