HIV Case Surveillance in the Dhis2 2.38

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I want to use HIV Case Surveillance in the Dhis2 2.38 platform, but I can only find the DHIS2 compatibility 2.36 pakage. can anyone help me find the version compatible with Dhis2 2.38?


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Hello Elmoujarrade, we are working on a 2.38 compatible package and will share when it is posted to Metadata Downloads - DHIS2. We’re also happy to share that a new version of the HIV case surveillance package (2.0) aligned to the WHO’s 2022 Strategic Information guidelines will be available in the next month; however, the new version will only be compatible with DHIS2 v40. This is because from v40, DHIS2 has a new feature to support ‘ownership analytics’ which allow the calculation of facility-based indicators for ART treatment retention, viral suppression, lost-to-follow-up, etc. based on the facility where the patient is currently receiving treatment, in the case that the patient was enrolled in DHIS2 in one facility and was transferred to another facility for ongoing treatment. You can read more about this feature here.


Hi @Rebecca
Thank you so much for the update! It’s truly heartening to hear that you’re working on a package compatible with DHIS2 version 2.38, and I look forward to exploring it as soon as it’s posted to Metadata Downloads.
Thanks for your hard work and for keeping the community informed. I’m eagerly anticipating the release of these updates.

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Hello Elmoujarrade, we have published the V2.38 compatibility release for HIV Case Surveillance. It can be found at this link (select ‘HIV’ in the dropdown and you will see the HIV CS package with its latest compatibility). Please note that this package is a legacy release, and does not reflect the most recent 2022 WHO HIV strategic information guidelines; this version is also not targeted for a French language compatible package. We will be publishing a new V2.0.0 of the HIV Case Surveillance tracker in the coming weeks, which will target compatibility only with 2.40 due to critical software functionality for ownership analytics described above.

However, you can use the HIV Case Surveillance Tracker V1.0.0 if you think carefully about how to account for patients who have transferred out of one facility (the pre-configured program indicators in that package currently exclude ‘transfers’ from the calculation and should be acceptable).

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